airbnb phone number uk 08701 830 523


airbnb phone number uk 08701 830 523


Need to call the airbnb phone number uk? Call 08701 830 523, this number will forward all calls onto the official AirBnB customer service number in the UK.

airbnb phone number uk:

airbnb phone number uk AirBnB UK Phone Numbers
airbnb phone number uk 08701 830 523
AirBnB UK Complaints Phone Number 08701 830 523
AirBnB UK Customer Service Phone Number 08701 830 523


If you would like to speak to a rep over at Airbnb you can call up their dedicated UK contact number on the telephone number listed above. All calls to this number will be connected to the offical AirBnB contact number via our call forwarding service.

Listing more than 550,000 properties ranging from hotels, hostels to cabins, Airbnb is now one of the most popular accommodation online. Airbnb is one of the most popular websites for individuals to rent out or book holiday accommodation, whether it’s a spare room, apartment or even the entire house. The website has hundreds of thousands of listings in over 180 countries, which ensures there’s something suitable for everyone.

Common Reasons To Contact AirBnB

  • To report a safety concern as a traveller or host.
  • To report a missing deposit.
  • To get a refund from AirBnB
  • To question delayed payment as a host.
  • To ask a query about pricing on a hotel or apartment
  • To ask a question about references and reviews for holiday destinations you like
  • To ask about the AirBnB Superhost badge.
  • To arrange alternative accommodation, call 08701 830 523
  • airbnb phone number uk – 08701 830 523
  • To complain about the service you have experienced.

Whatever the reason call AirBnB on the customer service number of 08701 830 523, all calls to this number will be forwarded to the official Uk contact number for AirBnB in the Reading office.

If you’re having difficulty with a booking or listing on Airbnb trying contact them via their UK customer service number. If you dial 08701 830 523 this will forward calls onto the Reading AirBnB office.


Airbnb is one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces specialising in the travel accommodation niche.

One of the Internet’s biggest accommodation directories, Airbnb has attained prominence with travellers wishing to discover the finest places on offer.


Airbnb Complaints E-mail

There is not a direct email address for Airbnb complaints so you could try calling the complaints line above, or you can message your guest/host directly and then message Airbnb via the resolution centre. Alternatively, you can post a letter with the details of your complaint to the Airbnb UK Head Office which is listed below.


Air BnB Phone Opening Hours

Air BnB Opening Hours
Monday �” Friday 8am �” 8pm
Weekend’s 10am �” 6pm


AirBnB Customer Service – 08701 830 523

AirBnB maintains a 24/7 helpdesk, so in the unlikely event that your rental is cancelled at short notice, you will be able to contact them and find alternative accommodation. You can use the phone number on this page to speak to the helpful cusomter service team in the UK office.


AirBnB Cancellation and refunds

The Guest Refund policy will support guests in the event of a travel issue. A travel issue is defined as the host cancelling the reservation shortly before check in is due to take place, the listing has been misrepresented or is not as described. If you are a host and you cancel a reservation, you will be charged a penalty unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family, property damage, maintenance issues which affect your ability to host or a natural disaster/political unrest in your area which make it unsafe to travel to.

If you had a recent problem like this or would like to speak to AirBnB simply call the phone number listed on this page, all calls to this number will divert to the official contact number for AirBnB in Reading UK.

airbnb phone number uk 08701 830 523, simply dial this phone number listed to speak to the UK based customer care team.

AirBnB Complaints

If you have a complaint about a recent vaction give Air B N B a ring on 08701 830 523, if the issue is not resolved try writing the the UK AirBnB office which is listed below.


Airbnb Head Office Address

Department Head Office
Head Office Airbnb London Office
2-4 Great Eastern Street
London, EC2A 3NW
United Kingdom



airbnb phone number uk – call 08701 830 523

Contact AirBnB on 08701 830 523 – airbnb phone number uk






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